My six siblings and I were raised by a Spirit-filled mother and a Jewish (yet agnostic) father. We did not go to church; but Mother taught us about the Lord (although I did not know Him yet). I attended Synagogue and Hebrew School until 1967, when as a senior in High School, Mother took us to a Spirit filled Revival. Reluctantly going, we all sank down on the back row not wanting our classmates to see us (who might tell our Jewish friends we were in Church--a definite Jewish “no-no).” The atmosphere was charged with His Spirit as my school friends clapped their hands and praised God. I wanted the joy they hadI The evangelist did not wait for us to respond to his invitation, but took the whole back row to the altar. I thought, ”why not see if this is real?” and asked the Lord to save me; He did! The next night I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. My life was forever changed. Now I not only knew “about” Him, but knew Him as my Lord and faithful friend, as He has been for these 50+ years. I have attended Landmark Church since the early 90‘s, being impressed with the Presence of the Lord as they worshipped, their Word-based teachings, the operation of the gifts of the Spirit, and their heart for missions. In 2010 I became Women’s Ministry Leader and Sunday School teacher. Recently, I was privileged to be ordained as Associate Pastor for Women. My heart’s desire is to continuously dwell in His Presence so that He may flow through me to serve the Senior Pastors and the Body of Christ at Landmark Church.

Ann Kaplan
Associate Pastor for Women

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