Comfort Care and Counseling

Dr. Dottie Brock
Church Counselor
Phone: 770-449-5956

Pastoral Care:

                Prayer and spiritual support for spiritual issues is offered on a love offering basis. Individual adults can come for 1 to 5 sessions, depending on the need. Sessions are held on alternate Fridays and can be scheduled through the church office at (770) 449-5956 or through email at

Professional Counseling:

                Individuals desiring more in-depth work on psychological issues can contact the church office, as well, and request Professional Counseling. Short or long-term counseling is available for adolescents and adults. It is offered on a sliding fee basis and is offered on alternate Fridays.

Comfort Care and Counseling offers two services to the body of Christ: Pastoral Care and Professional Counseling.

 Dr. Dottie Brock offers both services to the church and the community at large. Under her ordination through Landmark Church, Dr. Brock offers Pastoral Care. As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Brock can provide Professional Counseling from a Christian perspective.