Associate Pastor Emilio Ramos and his lovely wife, Sheila, have been members of the Landmark Church Family since February of 2016 and have been in ministry since 2011. Pastor Ramos is a 20 year United States Army Combat Veteran who has experienced life on many levels of the spectrum. Born in Camuy, Puerto Rico and raised in Bridgeport, Connecticut he has spent most of his young adult life serving his country.

Upon retirement in 1996, Pastor Ramos worked as a correctional officer in North Carolina for several years; where he developed a love for ministering to young men who have faced adversity in their lives and have traveled a undesirable path; his heart is seated in passion to see the youth of this generation overcome these adversities and arrive at a place of spiritual awareness while embracing their God given purpose and destiny.

As a preaching minister, Pastor Ramos is an “out the box” preacher who speaks the truth of the word of God in terms that relate to you today for your tomorrow. Along with his wife Sheila; they serve God’s people with love and are transparent in the work and ministry they serve in.


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