At Landmark Church, we are a family and when one of us is in need the rest of the family tries our best to supply the "seed". We have multiple resources for people who are in need. Our Clothing Closet is always stocked and ready for anyone who might need FREE clothing...especially in new seasons. We also supply FREE bread throughout the week, thanks to the Masada Bread Company and Publix who faithfully donate bread to help those who are in need.

You are not required to purchase these items; as the money is given for a particular need, we will see that it goes exactly where specified.


Following is a list of things that would bless Landmark, but feel free to add to this list something we may not have thought of. If you don’t want to give to a specific project, your gift could be marked “where needed most”. I know God will bless you if you participate and I love to see you walking in the full blessings of God! If you don’t have money to give, acts of service that would cost you nothing but time would be a wonderful way to help.